34' Hunter sailboat

This adventure and vessel can deliver, its perfect for beginners, well-seasoned sailors or for just a day out at sea with family and friends.
It features plenty of shaded seating areas, seats up to 7 people. With a well thought out cockpit and lumbar support that is designed for comfortable navegation.
With a walk-thru transom you will find a ladder at the stern of the hull that allows easy access into and from the water.
It comes equipped with an amazing FUSION sound system with four speakers and one subwoofer to deliver a great quality sound. You will be able to connect your mobile device and enjoy the music of your preference.
The forward deck has two large tied down soft mats, that are perfect for sunbathing.
Inside the galley you will find a stainless steel sink, cold pressure water system, stove, Icebox, fresh water tank with 56 gallons/212 liters. One Master bedroom and bathroom. Opening ports, forward hatch, dining table, navigation station, and a comfortable livingspace.
This sailboat carefully balances sea kindliness and stability with a nimble and spirited character. The easily driven hull is powered by an impressive doble spreader fractional rig thats is designed to be easily handeled.
An innovative -wing keel balances good performance with smooth motion and reduced draft. Her excellent sailing qualities and construction are complemented by comfort.
This vessel comes with top of the line running rigging and sailing features that will catch the attention of those sailing lovers with more experience.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us.

Yacht features

Below you can see the amenities onf the yacht
















* We can help passengers with physical disabilities/limitations aboard the sailboat just call ahead of time to arrange for access.

Sailboat details

General specifications

  • Designer: Hunter
  • Builder: Hunter
  • Water (Potable) Capacity: 300 L
  • Hull Construction Material: Fibreglass
  • Hull Type: Multi
  • Length (feet): 34
  • Length: 10.30 M
  • Length Waterline: 10.30 M
  • Cruising Speed 6.00 kn
  • Maximum Speed 10.00 knots
  • Number of Showers: 1
  • Shower Type: Enclosed
  • Number of Toilets: 1
  • Toilet Type: Enclosed
  • Entertainment and Appliances Notes: High-end stereo and sound woofer with bluetooth connection
  • Bilge Pump: Yes - 4

Tours with our 34' Hunter Sailboat'

Below you can see all the tours we do with the 34' Hunter Sailboat.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common questions we get asked when clients book our tours.
If you have a question or concern that is not answered here, please contact us directly.

If the cancellation is due to the weather or our fault in any way we will refund you your deposit 100%.
If you decide to cancel the tour you have booked with us please see our cancellation policy here
The weather here in the Caribbean changes a lot and often! So even if you look at the weather forecast and see cloudy, windy
or not the greatest weather, do NOT despair!

Here is why:
1) First of all most weather forecasters get the weather wrong here.
We're boating experts and we always keep an eye on the up-to-the-minute weather using many sources.
If anybody knows how a tour will turn out, it is us! We will let you know if the weather's too bad to go out.

2) Perhaps at your resort, 20 min. away, it's raining or cloudy but here in Puerto Aventuras Marina it is sunny.
The weather is very local here.

3) On the ocean it is always sunnier than over land. It might be cloudy and drizzling over land but once you get out on the ocean it's sunny.

4) We have another great advantage here in Puerto Aventuras Marina and that is we have a sheltered area just outside the marina where we can take you and anchor up if it's too windy. This way you can still have an awesome time enjoying the yacht, bar, swimming and snorkeling.

If the weather is so bad we decide not to go out, we will inform you the same day and try to reschedule your tour. If it's not possible to reschedule, we will of course refund you the money.
First contact us as quickly as possible so we can see if we can reschedule the tour for you. If a reschedule is not possible, the following cancellation fees apply: - 14 days before charter: 95% refund of the tour value - 7-14 days prior to charter: 75% refund of the tour value - Less than 7 days prior to charter is non-refundable.
Here is a map so you can easily find your way and we will give you more information when you make your booking.
No, but we can arrange professional transportation to pick you up at your location and bring you back after your tour has ended. We run a flat fee price of $150 USD for the roundtrip transportation anywhere in the Riviera Maya. You can read more about our transport services here.
If you decide to handle your own transportation, please make sure you arrive at least 15 min. before your tour starts.
Here is a map so you can easily find your way and we will give you more information when you make your booking.
We try to make it as easy for you as possible so you don't need to bring much. However please do bring sunglasses, sunscreen and a good mood.
We supply towels, high-end snorkel gear (Cressi) and of course all the food and drink. We even have a waterproof camera onboard so we even got the photos taken care of.
Yes you can - but upon arriving at the yacht, please give anything you bring to our crew members so we can manage the bottles, since we do not allow glass on the yacht.
We will make sure to return any unfinished bottles of alcohol to you at the end of the tour.
Please hurry get to the yacht as soon as possible!
We urge all our guests to plan ahead to be sure you arrive on time, preferably 15 minutes prior to tour departure time.
This is because we often have two tours a day that run back-to-back and we need to start our tours on time.
That means if you arrive an hour late you can still go on your tour but you will lose an hour of your time on our wonderful yacht.
If you are late due to our transportation running late, we will extend the tour or reimburse you.
Yes of course!
We always try to choose routes with the least amount of waves to get a smooth ride and it's always up to the clients if you wish to return to sheltered areas in the event someone in the group gets sick.

We are very lucky to have several destination options with calmer waters in case of sea sickness. First we have an amazing inlet which has completely flat water. The water is crystal clear, chest deep and great for relaxing and snorkeling. We also have La Bocana which is a sheltered area where the water is absolutely calm with only a low wall of rocks separating you from the ocean.

We always advise all clients, especially those prone to motion sickness, to take a pill like Dramamine before hand. We have Dramamine onboard and offer this to all clients who don't want to take any chances.

Dramamine tends to work the best and has no side effects. Better to be safe than sorry!
Yes! We have life vests in very small sizes so children can come onboard. Just note however, that you will need to take complete responsibility for your baby or child and the choice and responsibility is 100% yours. Onboard the yacht there are plenty of areas which are shaded where you can be with your baby or child.